10 Alternative Jobs at Sea

If you're considering a career change and need some advice on how to start, here we give you 10 alternative jobs at sea that you can do and make your dreams come true.

My seagoing career started in May 2014, when I went onboard Adventure of the Seas with Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, working as Massage Therapist. I decided to pursue a career at sea because I was young, keen to learn and explore the world, and of course to be totally independent for the first time. After the successful interview I attended a training academy in London and after a couple of weeks of intense training, I then joined the vessel.

During my 9 months contract I grew a lot as a person, it made me realise that life at sea is great, hard-work and rewarding. I had an amazing opportunity to work with people from all over the world, and by the end of my contract some became my best friends. I can definitely say that this experience changed my view on the world for the better and cemented me as a “Team-Player”.

"Georgiana Piciarca – Cruise Placement Consultant"

Here are 10 jobs you will find onboard a cruise ship and what is involved with each:

The 1. Shore Excursions/ Destinations department offer a large variety of the excursions and fun activities/experiences in all ports of call. Their staff are very knowledgeable about destinations, tourist attractions and local culture.

You will be surprised to know that every cruise ship has at least one qualified 2. Sommelier and he/she is there to consult passengers on fine wine selections and pairing wine with their food.

Most of passengers are thinking about their next cruise experience whilst onboard. They can enquire, plan and book their next holiday with the 3. Onboard Cruise Consultant/ Future Cruise Representative, who can assist and advise on itinerary, budget, and possible discounts.

All guests are always expecting a clean and tidy stateroom. The 4. Housekeeping department ensure all state rooms and public areas are spotless and they can also assist with the dry cleaning and laundry of guest’s clothes.

One of the most complex departments onboard is the Culinary sector, where a team of qualified and experienced Chefs are ensuring all meals are fresh and tasty. The 5. Executive Chef is responsible for creating recipes, methods and specifications, planning the food operations, staff training, ensuring the high standards of hygiene are met, set food-cost budgets and overseeing the food requisitions. As a head of department, the Executive Chef should have excellent cooking and leadership skills.

If you possess good sales and communication techniques, and you also have a passion for art, then working as an 6. Art Director/Auctioneer is the dream job at sea. You will be hosting special art events and auctions, representing both well-known and emerging artists.

Other opportunities exist for working in one of the many duty-free 7.Shops, selling high-end jewelry, watches, cosmetics, clothing and logo merchandise. You will be surprised to know that some of the large cruise ships have up to 7 stores onboard, enough to satisfy even the most demanding shop-alcoholic!

Do you speak more than one language? Do you enjoy being in a customer facing role? Great! The 8.International Host is an active part of the Guest Services Department, and his/her role is to assist non-English speaking passengers in their native language. Most cruise companies are looking for International Hosts that speak at least two foreign languages including but not limited to Italian, Spanish, German, Chinese, Dutch or French.

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes onboard the cruise vessel? As technology advances, the IT department is increasingly becoming a vital part of the onboard operations.

The 9.IT Officer is responsible of maintaining the systems up-to-date and assisting with any technical and software security issues.

Not all the jobs at sea are customer-facing positions, however, they play an essential part of the smooth operation of the ship. One of those is the 10.Chief Purser –who oversees passengers and crew accounts, payroll, and is essentially the onboard accountant.

If you are interested in any of these roles but don't quite have the skills, our sister company The Maritime Skills Academy can help you get where you need to be. With 500 expert courses to over 5,000 delegates annually and a Maritime & Coastguard Agency , Global Wind Organisation and GUEST accredited course provider and MNTB recognised centre, we are as proud to be meeting the high standards of commercial operators as we are in supporting individuals to maintain or build their professional development. 

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