Green Crew Pathway

Green Crew Pathway

At Viking Crew, we are passionate about providing opportunities for appropriately trained, enthusiastic, and committed individuals who are looking to kick start their careers in the maritime industry.


As a part of our “Green Crew Pathway” initiative, Viking will be placing a number of carefully selected and vetted, entry-level Steward/ess, Deckhand, and Chef candidates, who are looking to secure their first role within the yachting industry with our valued and trusted clients. From offering expert training with our Maritime Skills Academy and our sister company Luxury Yacht Interior Training, we are committed to ensuring these candidates are fully prepared to join such a rewarding industry.


Together we aim to embrace and nurture them to develop into invaluable crew members of the industry for many more years to come.


If you are a Captain or Client willing to assist crew with gaining their first opportunity in the industry, or a Green Crew member, who is looking to kick start your yachting career, please contact Rebecca Adams (Placement Manager) to discuss further.

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Starting Your Yachting Career

Create your CV

Your CV is your selling tool. It is the first impression that a Captain/Management company will have of you and you will need it to make an impact in such a competitive industry.

  • Ensure you include a smart, professional head and shoulders photograph
  • Double check all contact details are up to date, including a professional email address
  • Include all relevant work experience, starting with your most recent
  • Keep an easy to read layout
  • Include all relevant Qualifications
  • Include all relevant hobbies and interests including watersports, team sports etc
  • Provide up to date contact information for x 2 verbal references
  • Keep CV to a maximum of 2 pages. Make it concise and ensure it sells YOU to the potential employer!

Our yacht placement team are always on hand to assist with enhancing your CV and chances of gaining a suitable role within the industry.

Certification Required

To start work in the yachting industry, the main certificates requested by the vessel or management company are usually:

  • STCW Basic Training- The aim of the course is to give seafarers the essential education and training in Personal Survival Techniques, Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting, Elementary First Aid and Personal Safety & Social Responsibilities, with an additional Proficiency in Security Awareness
  • ENG1 or Equivalent Seafarer Medical- This can be completed at any MCA approved doctors’ surgery.

We also receive many requests for:

  • Proficiency in Designated Security Duties
  • Powerboat level II

Any additional relevant courses that could benefit yourself or the yacht. These could include, but not limited to:


  • VHF Radio
  • RYA Radar
  • RYA Competent Crew
  • RYA Tender Operator
  • PWC Personal Watercraft Proficiency
  • PWC Personal Watercraft Instructor


  • Food and Hygiene Level II
  • Silver Service Certification
  • Floristry Training
  • Mixology/Barista training
  • Wine Knowledge
  • Guest Approved Stewardess courses

Dock walking

Yachting is a very competitive industry to break into.

Every year, there are large numbers of crew who are keen to gain their first experiences in the industry and most entry-level crew gain their first experiences by dock walking.

With pre-season preparations and last-minute turnarounds, there are often a number of yachts looking for enthusiastic crew to help with getting the boat up to suitable standards for their owner and/or charter guests.

Dock walking is essentially, travelling to “yachting hubs” such as ports and shipyards in South of France, Italy or Palma and will involve approaching and speaking with the crew (where possible) and handing over your CV to an onboard crew member,  with the aim of securing day-work, seasonal role or even a permanent position. Nowadays, marinas and shipyards have much higher security, so dock walking can be difficult at times, but it is still possible to find day work.  We recommend getting started early in the morning as a much better time to see and approach crew.

Booking into crew houses or shared accommodation in the area makes networking with other crew members easier,  and expanding your network allows for more awareness of potential job opportunities. Facebook pages are also another way to find entry level positions.  Vessels often post opportunities on pages such as Antibes Yacht Crew and Palma Yacht Crew.

Dock walking Hints and Tips

  • Make sure your CV stands out from the crowd, in a good way!   Make sure you take enough CV copies with you! Follow our Green Crew CV template below for help
  • Gaining that first role is about being in the right place at the right time for the right boat. Do not be disheartened by rejections, it’s competitive. Don’t give up!
  • Be presentable! Neat and tidy.  Look like you could come aboard straight away and join their crew
  • Be open minded when it comes to the position/rank on offer, the most important part of dock walking is getting that first experience to build on your CV and skills and then who knows where it can lead.
  • Be polite and patient. Crew are busy and working. Smile, show some personality, but do not be overbearing.
  • For Dock walking in the USA, ensure you have the relevant visas

Preparing for your Yacht Interview

Having a good CV is not always enough to secure that first role in yachting. Your personality and attitude are also extremely important when it comes to securing a job.

Captains and other head of departments will want to know that you will fit in well with the rest of the team and that you have the right mindset to work onboard the yacht.

Once there has been some interest in your CV, yacht interviews will usually be held face to face if nearby the vessel, or more commonly, by telephone or video call.

For video interviews: select a surface where you can rest your phone/laptop on, so you’re not holding it in your hand. Make sure you have good lighting in the room and check the room for clutter in the background. Test your camera and speaker are working!

Should you manage to secure an interview, we recommend that you:

  • Be on time
  • Have impeccable presentation
  • Be prepared, research where possible
  • Ensure you get across ALL relevant experience for the role that you are interviewing for, but show willingness to learn and expand your knowledge and experience
  • Be honest about your experience
  • Show commitment to the boat
  • Listen to the interviewer
  • Treat all interviews, including virtual, as if they are face to face
  • Always stay professional
  • Have any questions prepared prior to interview
  • Thank the interviewer for his/her time.

For further information and advice, please contact the Yacht Placement Team