An Introduction to Viking Crew Clients’ Ships

At Viking Crew, we work with some of the biggest companies in the maritime industry to ensure that their ships are well-crewed and safe. Our clients' vessels range from super yachts to cruise liners, each with its own unique features.

In this article, we'd like to introduce you to a few of the ships that we work with.

MSC Cruises: MSC World Europa

MSC Cruises has been a leader in the cruise industry for over 30 years. Today, that legacy is being reinforced through the largest ship in the MSC Cruises fleet—the MSC World Europa.

The MSC World Europa is a luxurious and innovative cruise ship that has captured the imagination of many travellers with its state-of-the-art design and technological features. And at over 333 meters long, it's currently the 6th largest cruise ship in the world.

It boasts modern Italian style throughout its 2,626 cabins, 13 restaurants, 8 bars and lounges, spa, and a water park. At maximum capacity, the ship can comfortably carry 6,762 passengers and 2,138 crew members and staff.

And what are all these crew members doing aboard the MSC World Europa? Everything from sailing and operating the ship to keeping guests entertained with musical acts, comedy, and theatre.

At Viking Crew, we provide crewing support for those performers onboard who are contracted through RWS Worldwide.

MS Zaandam Viking Crew Clients
MS Zaandam from Holland America Line (HAL) - one of Viking Crew's clients

Holland America Line (HAL): MS Koningsdam, MS Nieuw Statendam, and MS Rotterdam

Founded 150 years ago, Holland America Line (HAL) is one of the oldest continuously operating cruise ship lines. What's their secret for sustainable success? Providing guests with memorable experiences on board beautiful ships.

Three of these ships are MS Koningsdam, MS Nieuw Statendam, and MS Rotterdam—HAL's first (and only) Pinnacle-Class cruise ships. At just under 100,000 tons apiece, these spectacular ships have more than enough space for 2,660 passengers and 1,050 crew members.

The ships are fitted out with every amenity imaginable—from a luxurious spa to fine dining options, private balconies, and even a barbers! Not only that, but they offer unique onboard activities like ballroom dancing classes and cooking demonstrations.

At Viking Crew, we help HAL keep ships like the MS Koningsdam, MS Nieuw Statendam, and MS Rotterdam operating smoothly by providing crewing services for talented Deck and Engine Officers.

Viking Voyages Scarlet Lady Viking Crew Clients
Viking Voyages Scarlet Lady; another of Viking Crew's clients

Virgin Voyages: Scarlet Lady

In stark contrast to HAL's long and storied history, Virgin Voyages is just a few years old. The company was launched to appeal to an underserved demographic—young, first-time cruisers.

Virgin Voyages' flagship vessel, the Scarlet Lady, was designed with them in mind—offering a modern and stylish experience to its 2,770 passengers.

Virgin Voyages was designed with the mentality that no two voyages should ever be the same—so onboard the Scarlet Lady, you can expect a variety of non-traditional activities like drag shows, Latin dance classes, and yoga.

At Viking Crew, we help Virgin Voyages keep the Scarlet Lady sailing smoothly by providing employment and payroll support for its crew members. 

Princess Cruises: Sky Princess

Princess Cruises has been taking guests on fantastic international cruises since the 1960s. Back then, the company only had one ship—the Princess Pat. Today, the Princess Cruises fleet is 15 ships strong and growing bigger all the time.

One of the modern entries into the Princess Cruises fleet is the beautiful Sky Princess. This 330 meter-long cruise ship can accommodate 3,660 passengers and 1,346 crew members.

Aboard the Sky Princess, guests can take advantage of a number of amenities—from the pool and spa, to delicious dining options. There are even onboard activities like trivia games and classes on cocktail-making.

Finding enough guests to keep such a massive ship profitable is no easy feat. That's why Princess Cruises partners with Viking Crew to contract its team of onboard future cruise consultants—cruise industry experts who help continue building relationships with its customer base.

Princess Cruises Sky Princess Viking Crew Clients
Princess Cruises Sky Princess; another of Viking Crew's clients

Marella Cruises: Marella Explorer

Marella Cruises (formerly Thomson Cruises) is a British cruise line owned and operated by TUI.

While Marella's fleet isn't as large as its competitors, it still offers top-notch experiences on board its ships—including the Marella Explorer. This beautiful vessel has changed hands (and names) many times over the years since it was launched as MV Galaxy with Celebrity Cruises in the 1990s.

The Marella Explorer can accommodate 1,924 passengers and 909 crew members. It's outfitted with a number of amenities, including a pool and spa complex, four bars and lounges—even a Broadway-esque theater and on-board casino.

At Viking Crew, we're proud of the role we play in helping Marella Cruises keep the Marella Explorer and all of their other ships operating smoothly. We've helped by crewing a range of positions, including destination staff, hotel managers—even captains.

Marella Explorer Viking Crew Clients
The stunning Marella Explorer

Viking Crew Helps Power the Maritime Industry

Now you've met a few Viking Crew clients, we're proud to work with some of the world's most renowned cruise lines, super yachts and maritime business owners. Our mission is to keep the ships running smoothly by providing quality crew members and industry-leading services.

No matter what type of vessel you operate—yacht, expedition or luxury cruises—you can trust that Viking Crew has the experience and expertise to ensure that your operations run smoothly. 

If you're in need of qualified maritime professionals, contact us today—we look forward to helping you keep your ships sailing!