Best tips for a job interview

Do you want to find out the best tips for a job interview? Our specialist team at Viking Crew has gathered top tips for you to get that job offer you've been waiting for.

When applying for a job at Sea, there is a list of Do’s and Don’ts that you should consider prior to having a job interview:


  1. Do research the job/company – lookout for information about the cruise company or yacht online. Try to find as many details as you can, as most interviewers will ask questions specifically about the company. 
  2. Do prepare well! We recommend you do a bit of interview role-play, and if you are shy, it is recommended you practice your interview conduct in front of a mirror to help build up your self-confidence.
  3. Do think before you answer the questions. Think wisely before you speak! Try to give brief, consistent and truthful answers.
  4. Do ensure you are in a quiet area with a good internet connection. Your electronic devices should be kept off or on “silent mode” during the interview to avoid any distractions.
  5. Do act professionally. Listen to your interviewer and actively engage in the conversation, showing interest and enthusiasm for the role.
  6. Do remember your employment history, including dates of employment, job titles, and company information for each job that you've held. You will get asked questions about your previous job roles.
  7. Do feel free to ask questions at the end of the interview. Any relevant questions about the company, starting date, salary, terms, and conditions can be raised for further clarification.
  8. Do ask about any necessary documentation that you may need to obtain or produce prior to joining the vessel, such as STCW training certification, Medical, Discharge Book, and any Visas. (Check out these courses over here)
  9. Don’t be late for your interview. Try to be present at the location or connect online (if it’s a video interview) at least 10 minutes prior to the scheduled meeting.
  10. Don’t dress inappropriately. Smart casual is the recommended attire for most interviews.


  1. Do send a thank you message. For a first-round phone or video interview, a thank you email is appropriate.
  2. Do be patient awaiting your interview outcome as it may take a couple of days to receive feedback on your application.