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In case you are not aware, the travel industry has long recognised the unique needs of the marine industry and most travel companies offering special concessions and discounts to those working in the marine sector.

Firstly, they offer access to the best prices (often much lower than the published fare); and secondly, it recognises that plans can change at short-notice and often multiple times and so they offer much greater flexibility on bookings.

Do you qualify for a marine fare?

Viking Crew offers an invaluable travel and accommodation booking service, giving you instant and dedicated access to the best prices and marine discounts and under one consolidated booking and payment.

Our expert and helpful UK-based Travel Team aim to reduce costs and complexity for maritime crew travelling across the world to and from their next deployment.

To get in touch, please email or ring +44 (0)300 303 8191, Option 5.

Key Contacts

Laura Murton
Marine Deployment Specialist
Caroline Seymour
Marine Deployment Specialist
Best Rates & Fares

Flexible & Refundable Tickets

One of the huge benefits of making your booking with Viking Crew is the ability to hold flexible and refundable tickets, so no need to worry about plans changing. By booking a flexible ticket we can help you rebook as required.

One-Way Fares

Because of the unique needs of the marine sector travel companies are keen to be as helpful as possible, including offering excellent rates on one-way-fares and even prioritising marine fare travellers especially in the event of cancelled or delayed flights.

Extra-Baggage Allowance

Another significant benefit of marine fare travel is additional luggage allowance, understanding that marine sector workers can be travelling for long deployments.

Best Prices & Marine Fares

The marine deployment travel sector is a huge and valued business to travel companies, especially airlines, and so in many cases there are significant discounts available. Of course you will need to show that you meet their requirements.

Do you qualify for a marine fare?

24/7 Emergency Support

If one thing is certain in marine travel it is that thing’s change and often at the last minute.

This is why we now offer 24/7 emergency support for our marine fare travellers so we can help solve any problems that arise and get them to their destination, such as their embankment point, without undue delay.

Meet Our Teams

To qualify for a marine fare almost every travel company will require to see evidence that you qualify.

We can advise or manage providing the evidence and you will need to show a letter on company or ship-headed paper showing your need to travel, a seaman’s log book or your relevant contract showing your embankment point.

It is important to also understand that you don’t even need to be someone working at sea. Anyone required to travel for their work in the marine sector can qualify. If you are not sure please speak to our team.