Viking Crew Guernsey

Viking Crew Guernsey

Viking Crew Guernsey Limited (VCGL) working with our global Viking Crew team enables us to streamline the service of global employment and payroll that we offer to the industry.

VCGL works in partnership with leading employment and payroll specialists in Guernsey. We have a dedicated VCGL team based on the island, working directly with the Viking Crew teams located in Dover, Auckland, Fort Lauderdale and Manila.

Using a bespoke online crewing platform, which can be accessed by each captain, crew member and vessel manager to upload documents; including certificates and Seafarers Employment Agreements, manage payments, and payslips.

In addition to the employment and payroll function, it also has the capability of tracking and reporting hours of work and rest. This combined with a suite of efficient money transfer companies means we ensure the accuracy of salary payments and reduce costs significantly.

Since the launch of VCGL in Autumn 2020 we have been able to provide a modern efficient service, which in turn results in a cost-effective service to our clients.



Key Contacts

Tom Becker
Director (GU)
Thomas De La Mare
Head of Crewing
Paul Rutterford
Operations Director
Andrew Howarth
Managing Director (NZ)
Emily Jaenicke
Head of Crewing