Funding and Grants

Funding & Grants

Here are various associations that provide funding & grants for new or returning seafarers.



Maritime Educational Foundation (MEF)



Grant Funding for Unemployed Officers

The MEF provides various officer development opportunities at the discretion of the Trustees, including grant funding support to eligible unemployed officers. This is so they can update their skills and/or revalidate specific certification requirements to increase their employability potential, through defined training.

Who can claim funding?

To be eligible for funding, seafarers must be unemployed at the start of the course and remain so during the course of training.

What training is supported under this category?

In order to see if the course you have chosen is funded, please contact MEF directly.

Sector Specific Courses

There may be funding to support UK officers with other STCW courses that could increase their employability. These will be considered on a case by case basis. Please see the application form for further information.

How do you apply?

– Complete and return the application form – it’s that simple!
– Contact your chosen centre and complete the form with the centre name, course name, date and cost.
– Multiple courses can be applied for on the same form, use the box marked ‘other’ to apply for courses not already listed on the form.
– Scan or photograph your passport or discharge book, ensuring it is legible when viewed.
– Please return your fully completed application form and a copy of your passport or discharge book to
– On receipt of your completed application form you will be contacted by the MEF.

Please note the following:

– Transport and accommodation costs cannot be funded.
– Retrospective applications cannot be considered-this means no monies will be refunded to any individual who may have paid a deposit for the course, the full cost of the course or who has completed the course.
– Payment for course fees is made direct to training centres.
– Please allow a minimum of two weeks for your application to be processed.
– The MEF reserves the right to charge individuals for the full cost of the course should they not attend.


The Marine Society


The Marine Society does everything they can to encourage professional development and offer every possible support to seafarers who want to improve their prospects. One of the many ways they do this, is through scholarship schemes and interest-free loans. Read More

Slater Scholarship

The Slater Fund, managed by the Marine Society with Nautilus International, offers Slater Scholarships of up to £18,500, with an additional discretionary £1,500 for completing the programme Read More

Worcester Scholarship

The Worcester Scholarship is aimed at officers who wish to take academic qualifications such as a bachelors or master’s degree in Maritime Operations or Marine Engineering. In certain circumstances, it can be used for advanced professional qualifications where there is no support available anywhere else or for those who are overqualified for a JW Slater Scholarship. Read More

Hanway Scholarship

The Hanway Scholarship was created in memory of Jonas Hanway, one of the founders of the Marine Society, to support seafarers who need to take qualifications essential to work at sea or that contribute to their continuing professional development.

The scholarship is primarily aimed at seafarers who need to take qualifications essential to work at sea, to support seafarers with their continuing professional development where there is no support from their employer/ship owner, or for those who do not qualify for a Slater Scholarship

You’ll get up to £500.

Eligibility: British seafarers, resident in the UK, 21 years old and over. Priority will be given to those who need to take a course that is essential to work at sea. Read More

COVID-19 Funding if you have been made redundant

This funding is aimed at the UK Seafarers who have recently been made redundant due to the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. This grant is offered to all seafarers of all ranks and departments who can demonstrate a planned route back into a maritime-related role. Each bursary is limited to a maximum of £500 per application and the applicants are able to select which training and/or qualifications they find will add value to their role.

Applicants must be British seafarers, resident in the UK, 18 years old and over, made redundant or notified of redundancy since March 2020. This includes those on short-term contracts who have had a contract terminated or can demonstrate that you have been unemployed for three months or more prior to submitting an application. Please return it via email to: or post to: Marine Society, 202 Lambeth Road, London SE1 7JW

If you have any queries please contact Carla Rockson, Head of Seafarer Learning and Welfare at or call 020 7654 7029.

Read more.

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