Viking Crew Asia (POEA)

Viking Crew Asia (POEA)

The hiring and employment of Filipino crew doesn’t need to be complex or costly.

Through our Guernsey and Philippines office, we are licensed by the ‘Philippine Overseas Employment Administration’ (POEA) to recruit, employ and administer seagoing staff onboard vessels worldwide.

In the initial discussions, we will guide you through the setting up of a ‘Crew Service Agreement’, which includes creating specific ranks, calculating pay scales and formulising leave rotations. Once complete and agreed we make an application on your behalf to the POEA to have your vessel registered with them along with your proposed manning schedule. When approved, offers of employment can be made to Filipino nationals accordingly. Our many years of experience working closely with our long-term partners United Philippine Lines (UPL) allows us to provide a 24 hour service that is second to none. Our dedicated Crew Management Team in the UK, US, New Zealand and the Philippines will then continue to look after all of your ongoing employment & administrative requirements including:

Placement & Recruitment

The recruitment process is conducted in a similar way for all candidates Our global Placement team use our extensive database and pre-screen candidates who fit within your requirements. Further screening including Marlins English testing as well as per-employment profile assessments and background checks can also be arranged.  Only those who pass this stage are submitted to the client for consideration.

Certification & Documentation

Once a candidate has been selected for employment, our team ensure that the individual holds all of the correct and valid certification (and relevant licences) for the role.

Documentation such as a Seamans Record Book and Seafarers Medical will be obtained and applied for. Employment and Payroll POEA regulated employment contracts are created, signed, and submitted accordingly to the relevant authorities and to the individual crew member.


Various types of visas can be applied for if necessary, to join the vessel. We will apply for this when a joining date and port is confirmed.

Deployment & Travel

Flights can be arranged in advance alongside the relevant visa application. We also liaise with the vessel and appointed port agents around the world. Vessel, managers and repatriated crew will have access to 24-hour emergency contact numbers should any problems arise. Our support does not stop here. When a Viking Crew Asia crew member is employed, we provide 24-hour support and assistance to the crew member and his/her employer.

Already have a POEA Agreement in place?

Our full placement and recruitment facility is still available for vessels to use who already have a POEA agreement in place. Should you wish to recruit Filipino nationals on an “ad hoc” basis then this can easily be achieved under your current agreement. OR maybe you are considering moving your current POEA agreement to another administration such as ourselves?

Key Contacts

Paul Rutterford
Operations Director
Denny Ricardo C. Escobar
President of UPL (PH)