How to find the perfect job during the COVID-19 pandemic

Are you wondering how to find a job during Covid? With fewer opportunities around and plenty of experienced crew looking for a job, you may find yourself with a tough decision to make.

You could be in between accepting a role that you consider is not quite right for you or deciding whether to hold out longer for a more suitable opportunity. 

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Viking Crew has seen a large increase in applications and calls from crew who are “willing to accept any job”.

Making this decision can be very difficult.

It is important to think about how the new role will look on your CV and how would this detract future employers from considering your skillset and experience. 

Should you take a job now and when something more suitable comes along, change it?  Try and consider how the short contract can reflect poorly on your employment longevity and commitment on your CV.  Will this reflect in your references, having made a commitment to that position and then moving on in a short period of time?

By accepting and committing to the “wrong position”, could you narrowly miss that a perfect job opportunity that you have been waiting for?

Does the job pay the bills when you have no other means of doing so?

Can you gain further knowledge and learn new skills from the position that could potentially help you in future positions?

Is it for your ideal company, position or vessel?  Would this opportunity give you a foot in the door to move to your perfect role in the future?

Our team are always happy to discuss the opportunities with you, but ultimately, only you know when it is right to accept a position that you are not 100% happy with. 

Ensure you consider the variety of different factors when making that difficult but crucial decision and it is always important to weigh up the pros and cons.

You can also find many courses to improve your skills and your CV with The Maritime Skills Academy, our sister company, part of Viking Maritime Group.