Introducing Scenic Eclipse II

The Ultimate Luxury Discovery Yacht

April 2023 sees the launch of Scenic Eclipse II, a brand-new luxury discovery yacht that is set to revolutionise the cruising experience.

Building on the success of its predecessor, Scenic Eclipse, this second bespoke vessel offers guests an unprecedented level of luxurious comfort and exploration, enabling them to explore the world’s most remote destinations with ease.

About Scenic

Scenic is a world-renowned 5-star cruise and tour company that has been offering guests the highest level of luxury for two decades. All Scenic journeys are designed to provide unforgettable experiences and moments of discovery, with all-inclusive packages tailored to suit each guest’s individual needs.

Through Scenic's ocean journeys, guests can explore 357 extraordinary ports in 54 remarkable countries across all 7 continents. With the launch of the new vessel, the company is able to expand its offering of world-class ocean cruising experiences.

The extraordinary Scenic Eclipse II - Viking Crew
The extraordinary Scenic Eclipse II - Viking Crew

Introducing Scenic Eclipse II

Scenic Eclipse II is a 168 metre “ice-strengthened expedition mega-yacht” that was built in Rijeka, Croatia.

This new ship will house 228 guests and 176 crew across an impressive 10 decks. With a current construction cost of €190 million (approx. £164 million), Scenic has made every effort to ensure that this new vessel lives up to the reputation of its sister-ship — Scenic Eclipse.

Scenic Eclipse II Features

Scenic Eclipse II has been designed with every detail in mind, ensuring it is as luxurious and well-equipped as possible for its guests.

The yacht boasts two helipads, an infinity pool, panoramic windows throughout, and a host of exciting amenities including a massage room, beauty salon and fitness suite.

On board, you can also find 10 exquisite dining venues offering world-class cuisine, as well as six bars and lounges—making it one of the most luxurious yachts to ever sail the seas.

The ship also features an extensive range of activities, from scuba diving and kayaking to submarine expeditions. Yes, you heard that correctly—guests of this new vessel will have access to the custom-built Scenic Neptune submarine that is capable of descending up to 300m.

Scenic Eclipse II Journeys

Scenic Eclipse II has a number of exciting itineraries planned, including:

  • 10 days from Lisbon to Barcelona
  • 21 days from Barcelona to Bergen
  • 13 days from Bergen to Oslo
  • 13 days from Oslo to Reykjavík
  • 11 days from Reykjavík to Copenhagen

Into the future, Scenic's plans for vessels include Mediterranean cruises, as well as some of the most sought-after voyages around Antarctica, South America and the Arctic Circle.

Introducing Scenic Eclipse II - Viking Crew
Scenic Eclipse II launches in April 2023 - Viking Crew

Scenic Eclipse II Construction Progress

According to Scenic's frequent updates, construction is progressing ahead of schedule.

The ship had its “float out” ceremony in June 2022, when it was launched into the water for the first time, and began sea trials in early 2023.

Fun Facts About Scenic Eclipse II

To finish this article, we thought it would be fun to give you a few fun facts about this incredible ship:

  • With a custom-built passenger submarine, the Scenic is one of the few cruise lines that allows guests to explore the deep on their journeys.
  • Dr. Kathy Sullivan has been named Godmother of this new vessel. She was one of NASA's first female astronauts, as well as the first woman to explore Challenger Deep. At the time of writing, these incredible achievements make her “the world's most vertical person”.
  • The first vessel, Scenic Eclipse (launched in 2019) was voted as the best luxury ship in the world for 2019 by cruise critics.

Viking Crew is Proud to Support Scenic

At Viking Crew, we're proud to work with Scenic Group and we look forward to the launch of this new vessel

Our team are looking for experienced, skilled and dedicated crew to ensure that Scenic guests receive an incredible experience while they are onboard and ultimately, seek Amazing People creating wonder.

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