Introducing Viking Crew’s new Brand Ambassador partner, Lemoneight

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Viking Crew has been providing global career opportunities in the cruise, superyacht, and specialist maritime industry for over 30 years.

We are proud to be working with Lemoneight as our Brand Ambassador to spread the word about the career opportunities we have with our global clients.

We have some truly amazing jobs – and are looking for remarkable people like you.

Roles are diverse and different – depending on your skills and experience. From Stewardess on a superyacht, Engineer on a specialist vessel to Bar Waiter on a cruise ship.

We are seeking outstanding individuals, with passion and drive to deliver for our international clients. These are exciting roles that will see you travelling the world, meeting new people and cultures allowing you to develop personally and professionally

What additional training is needed to work onboard a cruise ship or super yacht?

Aside from your education and work experience, there are several maritime-specific qualifications that are needed.

To work within the Hotel and Guest Service department our clients require relevant education and training in hospitality as well as hospitality work experience from 4 or 5-star establishments. Roles within the Deck department might also require some maritime-specific qualifications.

For all roles, the maritime-specific qualifications which are needed are STCW Basic Safety Training (this is a one-week course) and includes the following elements:

  • Personal Survival Techniques

  • Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting

  • Elementary First Aid

  • Personal Safety and Social Responsibilities

  • Additionally, Security Awareness is also needed

All seafarers will also need a seafarers medical and for some roles, especially in the superyacht industry, additional short courses might be required depending on the position you are applying for. These can be obtained close to joining once your appointment is confirmed.

To find out more about maritime training, visit the Maritime Skills Academy website (part of the Viking Maritime Group)

A selection of our current roles is listed below

Deckhands Apply Here

Bosun Apply Here

Hotel Department Apply Here

Deck Department Apply Here

Engine Department Apply Here

Create your CV

Your CV is your selling tool. It is the first impression that a Captain/Management company will have of you and you will need it to make an impact in such a competitive industry.

  • Ensure you include a smart, professional head and shoulders photograph
  • Double check all contact details are up to date, including a professional email address
  • Include all relevant work experience, starting with your most recent
  • Keep an easy to read layout
  • Include all relevant Qualifications
  • Include all relevant hobbies and interests including watersports, team sports etc
  • Provide up to date contact information for x 2 verbal references
  • Keep CV to a maximum of 2 pages. Make it concise and ensure it sells YOU to the potential employer!

Our placement team are always on hand to assist with enhancing your CV and chances of gaining a suitable role within the industry.

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