Viking Takes Building 2000 Space in Portsmouth

Viking Takes Building 2000 Space in Portsmouth

Viking Maritime Group has moved into a new 10,000 sq ft space in Building 2000 at Lakeside North Harbour which has been custom fitted to accommodate a new training facility.

The international organisation, which includes the Maritime Skills Academy, Viking Crew and Chiltern Maritime, selected the Portsmouth location after a review of office space across the South Coast.

With frequent visitors to the training centre it was vital that the location was easily accessible. With many training courses taking places over a series of days, onsite hotel accommodation and gym facilities were also an advantage for the organisation and its customers, which made the decision for Viking to take Building 2000 all the more easier.

“Choosing the right business location – especially when looking to deliver such a remarkable facility – is a significant decision,” said Mark Jaenicke, training and performance director of Viking’s Maritime Skills Academy.

“We were keen to find a modern and people friendly environment and have been delighted to join the community at Lakeside – it really is an impressive space in a great location.”

Karen Tyrrell, head of marketing and client services at Lakeside North Harbour, added: “It is exciting to welcome the whole Viking team to Lakeside, and we’ve enjoyed working with them to ensure the new simulation centre is properly set up and in place.

“Lakeside is a landmark location on the South Coast and we are very proud to be home to this new – and very impressive – training facility.”

Viking Maritime Staff: (left to right) – Karen Tyrrell (Head of Marketing & Client Services of Lakeside North Habour), Amy Henderson (Officer Trainee Coordinator of Chiltern Maritime), Don Millar (Operations Director of Chiltern Maritime), Lizzy Kings-Darkins (Officer Trainee Assistant of Chiltern Maritime), Laura O’Driscoll (Officer Trainee Assistant of Chiltern Maritime), Stuart Benge (Operations Manager of Chiltern Maritime), Ken Patterson (Senior Instructor/Engine Simulator of MSA), Mohamed Zahrouni (Simulator Technician of MSA), Deborah Tegerdine (Business & facilities Coordinator of MSA), Andrew Hair (Head of Commercial Operations of MSA) & Josip Kulas (Senior Instructor/Bridge Simulator of MSA)

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