Yacht Salaries and Crew Benefits- What will I Earn?

As an industry, not only does yachting offer crew a competitive salary package, it also comes with a number of other benefits.

Salaries depend on a variety of different factors, these can include:

  • Previous experience

  • Additional Skills (Masseuse/Nurse/Personal Trainer etc)

  • Qualifications

  • Size of the vessel (bigger doesn’t always mean better)

  • Leave package

  • Motor or Sail

  • Whether the yacht is private or charter (On a charter yacht you could receive tips, however on a private boat you will generally get a higher base salary)

Other benefits can include

  • Health/Accident Insurance

  • Flights to and from the vessel

  • Food

  • Basic toiletries

  • Uniforms

  • Laundry

  • Additional training/courses

Depending on the vessel operation, you can be paid in different currencies including GBP, EURO or USD etc. Every yacht is different and the salaries are just a guide. Leave packages are different for each yacht and can depend on their operation. Holiday is accrued for length of time onboard, or some yachts offer a rotational schedule.

Entry level Deckhands and Steward/ess should be expecting around €2,500 Euros per month. Day work is usually paid around €100-€120 Euros per day with lunch included.


Do not offer to work for free Ensure you cover your own taxes (this will not be done for you)

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