Typical Rank Structure of a Yacht

Chain of command is important on a yacht so it is good to be aware of who you will report to. Every boat is structured differently and can vary according to the size of the vessel.

50m Motor Yacht:

  • Captain will oversee all the boat operations

  • Chief Officer/Mate is the right-hand man of the captain and responsible for the exterior along with the deckhands.

  • Chief Stewardess is responsible for the interior, and the stewardesses will usually rotate through service, housekeeping, and laundry.

  • Chef will often work alone and cook for both guests and crew.

100m Motor Yacht:

  • Captain oversees all operations

  • Chief Officer/Mate responsible for overseeing the Deck Team.

  • Purser – the administrator of the boat. Deals with all accounting, invoicing, and embarkation documents

  • Large interior team that is divided in housekeeping and service and led by a head of department

  • Stewardess and Deckhand roles may have dual responsibilities such as Yoga Instructor and Masseuse

  • Executive Chef for guest food and another Chef for crew food

  • Can range from between 30 – 50 crew members

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