Viking Crew Asia (POEA)

Through our Philippines office we are licensed by the ‘Philippine Overseas Employment Administration’ (POEA) to recruit, employ and administer seagoing staff onboard vessels worldwide.

Our Viking Crew Asia crew, who reside all over the Islands of the Philippines are coordinated by a dedicated team at the United Philippine Lines (UPL) head office in Manila, with day-to-day operations being overseen by our Crewing Assistant, Mary Nicolyn Alfonso Jaun. 

We process approximately 130 Filipino crew members with UPLs assistance on a monthly basis, providing 24 hour support to the crew members and their employers.

Our team in Manila are responsible for:

  • Assistance with certificate checking and helping crew to book training, medicals, visa processing, payroll and allotment payments for crew.
  • Contract processing and POEA assistance, particularly helping crew with POEA signups.
  • Keeping up to date with COVID procedures Worldwide
  • Assisting crew with isolation and government quarantine when they arrive back from their contracts onboard
  • Contacting crew members families to check they are safe after typhoons and other natural disasters within the country.
  • Assisting crew with applying for government loans which are available to them when their houses have been damaged by natural disasters

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